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Good news everyone! After a recent collaboration with Misfit and their brand of premium trackable devices, the sensor tech innovators are offering a That Girl discount! Head to GETDEVICE.com and enter the discount code THATGIRL at the checkout, to receive a 20% discount off their flagship product, The Shine. To miss out on the That […]

    Food. For some people food and eating is a non-issue. It’s something they don’t even think about. For ‘normal’ eaters (this is a light hearted label for people who simply don’t have an issue with food) food is just food. They eat to live, to sustain energy, and combat hunger. Normal eaters don’t […]

Words by AYESHA MUTTUCUMARU. Quotes by Christina. Jessica Ennis, Cameron Diaz and Vanessa Hudgens have them, but are high definition abs realistically achievable? We asked our experts for these 11 stomach toning tips Can women get 6 packs and if so, how can we crunch and cook our way to a set of our own? With […]

Feast you eyes on what makes that girl a That Girl. Here are three videos with insights into both that lifestyle and the hard work that goes put towards it.

Susannah Taylor, getthegloss.com’s Editor-In-Chief, is kind enough to divulge That Girl with an interview describing how she juggles home, work, fitness, and beauty, and how they’ve all paved the way on her road to becoming a successful career woman.       We know how much you love beauty, but were you always into nutrition and the […]

Since launching in February of this year, That Girl has been a very, very busy lady… She’s been featured in Grazia, Vogue, Elle France and The Telegraph as the workout programme to watch for a lean, long body. As Calgary Avansino says: “the key to exercise is consistency, consistency, consistency and having all these options […]

Women’s lives are so busy nowadays, with work, family, exercise, social lives – plus adding in a little extra time to care for yourself, too. Christina understands the requirements of a busy life which is why she recommends Organic Burst’s Maca Powder; a real hit of energy without the rush and subsequent crash of caffeine! […]

Christina is a huge fan of green smoothies and supplements, so it’s no surprise that she’s been quoted in InStyle this month (alongside some beautiful Nike Frees – love!) singing the praises of Spirulina Powder. Think of this superfood as the powder equivalent of a relaxing massage. “It’s the best thing you can do for […]

Christina is famous for creating lovely A-list legs, and what better way to sculpt those pins than spinning? Blog post originally featuring on That Girl London, Christina’s intern tries out the much-lauded spinning class Psycle near Oxford Circus. The press went crazy for the class at the time of its launch – but does it […]

Originally written for That Girl at How to Choose the Best Omega 3 Supplement. It’s estimated that around 4.5 million people in the UK regularly take fish oil. It’s the one supplement that consistently stands up to scrutiny over its health claims and has been studied in over 14,000 clinical trials. The reason we take […]

With cleanses being the hottest trend to hit London this year, I chat to Christina Agnew of Radiance Cleanse to get the juice on juicing… Juice cleanses are very popular and people frequently report how well they feel after them. What are the key reasons one may think about doing a cleanse? I think most […]

“Meet the experts – Chrisitna Howells -Women-centric workouts from one of the most fashionable trainers du jour ” Click here to view full article

“There’s little I wouldn’t do for a pair of those coltishly toned legs fit to grace the red carpet. Besides the lifestyle benefits of going out with pristine pins, I covet the low-maintenance nature of legs that are ready to go with just a slick of dry oil.” Click here to view full article

“There’s a new girl in town and she’s ready to take the fashion world by storm. “That Girl” is a series of high intensity video workouts and nutrition plans tailored by women for women created by personal trainer Christina Howells and Charli Cohen. Here’s what you need to know…” Click here to view full article