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Christina gets us over those post-summer blues by revealing how exercise can help us both physically and mentally. Read more here

We love The Kit for including That Girl in their Insta-Hotlist amongst some other awesome fitness brands! Read more here

Christina helps shed some light on the risks and rules of working out when pregnant. Read more here

Christina tackles the stubborn issue of Cellulite and what REALLY helps to reduce it. Read more here

Christina relays Get The Gloss with her top tips in how to gain entry into that ever elusive six-pack club. Read more here

With the new Charlie Cohen Cloudbreak Collection arriving on Fashercise, the site gives readers a special treat and access to the “How She Does It” workout. Read more here

Christina shares three secrets on how to maintain a more efficient fitness life. Read more here

The That Girl workout and nutrition plans have been peaked as some of the Telegraph’s most inspiring fitness plans. Read more here

It’s time to battle back against our period of Christmas indulgence by following That Girl’s New Year, New You feature for Get the Gloss, and set our sights on this years fitness goals! Read more here

Once again, Christina rattles the excuse-makers with three exercises you can perform anywhere! Read more here

Christina’s Body By routines get due praise from Grazia’s editors in their “Not in New York?” feature as one of the worlds most excruciating (yet fashionable) workouts going.

In an increasingly hectic world, where it’s not uncommon to find yourself helplessly barraged by the day’s commitments, it’s difficult to imagine finding time for a workout. Thankfully, Christina has put together a snappy office workout for Grazia – a workout conveniently squeezed within the cracks of even the busiest schedule. Read more here

Once a week I spend an hour with my personal trainer Christina Howells, founder of thatgirllondon.com, an amazing online workout video website, and body sculptor extraordinaire. She switches up our weekly sessions with a mix of weight training, kettlebell, TRX, animal flow (where you perform primal movements using your own bodyweight) and cardio sessions (skipping and lunging on […]

Christina Howells discusses how we can take control of our metabolism along with daily body boosters we can incorporate into our everyday routines. Read more here

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“Guns  of Grand ”   –  The arms race of powerful women ! – Click here to view the full article

Christina Howells official animal flow instructor shows Red magazine how it’s done. Click here to see how animal based workouts can improve your workout.

Get a bikini body – Written and detected by Christina Howells for Get the Gloss This is the second half of our exclusive 2014 Project Bikini workout plan to complete from the comfort of your sitting room. The aim? To slim down and create long, lean definition (note this workout is designed not to make […]

Want to know the secret to abs as flat as Miranda Kerr’s? Follow our top tips to get your best body ever, and fast… Read more here

BODY BOOSTER The Star Sculpter by That Girl for sculpted waist and thighs Christina Howells is a personal trainer to some of the hottest bodies in London ! Here she has devised a workout plan for sculpted waist and thighs.

  #thatgirl is the “workout on the go ” in Serbia Click here to view page one of the the full article Click here to view page one of the the full article

Christina Howells is a personal trainer to some of the hottest bodies in London ! Here she has devised our exclusive 2014 project bikini workout plan to complete from the comfort of your own sitting room .

If you aren’t someone who is lured outside by the sunshine for a run there are now more online exercise choices than ever to help you increase stamina, build muscle, burn calories and sculpt your body in the privacy of your own home. Click here to view the full article    

For our Body Special, we’ve teamed up with Charli Cohen and Christina Howells – the creators of the That Girl online workouts (thatgirllondon. com), which are all about using time well and doing the movements that really work for women. The pair are entrepreneurs, too: Howells has been training famous bodies for nearly 20 years, […]