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Who is Christina Howells

Body By Christina Training in Gym10 Years Study
25 Years Experience
100% Dedication

Exercise & Sport Science BSc Hons
MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology
Post Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Therapy
Yoga Alliance Qualified
Established industry presence (Press awareness)

Meet Christina Howells, the go-to personal trainer who will open your eyes to a new you.

Christina Howells is a London based personal trainer known for her experience within the industry, broad knowledge, and immense passion for movement and wellness. Over the last 25 years she has put her all into transforming the bodies and lives of actors, fashion industry experts, and professionals from all walks of life.

“I see the potential in people, what they can become, and this is exactly what drives and excites me. By achieving through movement, my clients are able to redefine their limits – because there are no limits!”

A message from Christina

“Changing your physical self is a whole body endeavour – The process begins by changing your mindset.”

My main focus is movement. I combine mobility training and bodyweight exercises with functional resistance training, which I believe are the key to longevity. For those that are more focused on changing how they look, I will show you that aesthetics goals are the consequence of movement and that body confidence is the consequence of competence. I believe in working the body as a whole unit, rather than isolating muscle groups; this challenges our strength, endurance, flexibility, mobility, balance, proprioception and coordination. Exercise is about taking control of the body and control of the mind.

It’s without a doubt essential that we form a malleable plan. Ad-hoc training means ad-hoc results, but with his plan we will adjust in accordance to the journey. By doing this we will achieve so much more than ‘the look’ – Although trust me, we will certainly achieve that too!

To help you better understand who I am, I’m internally driven and my reinforced motivation is contagious. When I am not teaching, I love hiking, bouldering, and calisthenics training with my coach. I love learning from others and constantly evolving and keeping up with the latest trends in order to bring the best out of myself and my clients. This hunger to evolve began whilst completing my degree and masters, which opened my eyes to how little I actually knew at the time. Training with renowned Pilates teacher, James D‘Silva, and bodyweight coach, Mike Fitch, the developer of Animal Flow, took my own skills and the tools I use to transform my clients to the next level. I was also personally invited on, and completed, the first ever yoga alliance course in the UK.

To me Fitness is a lifestyle. It’s about changing your mindset and developing a better connection with your body. Moving more, moving better, and being consistent, whilst of course making it fun.

I look forward to meeting anyone who’s ready to bring out their full potential. I want to utilise my wealth of experience to get them there.