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Body By Christina

Body By Christina Training in GymChristina Howells has a reputation for transforming the way people feel about their bodies and the way their bodies look and feel.

The approach is intelligent, never stagnant, continuously evolving and developing in line with current research and education. Exercises are limitless yet grounded in over two decades of education and experience.

Workouts are based on many disciplines. A functional approach encourages the intelligence and dynamics of bodyweight training, combined with the principles of yoga. Sessions also draw on the precision and strength of resistance training to create a more defined yet lean and strong body.

The methodology is as powerfully effective for newcomers to exercise as it is for those wanting to breathe new life into their wellbeing programmes.

Great pride is taken on providing a personal touch. Versatility and an ability to adapt to individual potential is paramount. Sessions are tough and driven aiming to challenge yet cater to specific aims and requirements. The team work with you to develop an exercise and lifestyle programme that will enhance your life rather than disrupt it.

No two workouts are the same: minor or major variations are introduced on a session-by-session basis. Motivation is thereby maintained and results are achieved more quickly.

A 360-degree holistic viewpoint leads to support beyond exercise. Nutrition is considered integral to setting up clients for success.

We work with you to make simple changes; improving how you eat and what you eat to achieve the results you want and ensure you feel energised, fit and well.

Christina is well known in the press for her unique approach and an appreciation of the female form in particular. Understanding what women want and how they feel, with an academic knowledge of female health, she helps women look and feel amazing. Exercise routines and advise on nutrition are designed specifically to suit the individual female form and attain well being goals.