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For any fitness programme to be successful, you have to tackle your diet head on: and that means working with a nutritionist to tailor a lifestyle that suits you. We conduct an initial dietary assessment to discuss you goals, so that you can maximise performance and overall health and wellbeing. We will focus on key areas of diet and help address issues such as energy levels, weight loss, bloating and digestion.  Once we have assessed your specific calorie and nutrient intake, you’ll receive tailor made menu plans with recipes and food ideas to fit your busy lifestyle. Regular meetings enable us to discuss your strengths and weakness, and also offer a great way to help you deal with changing situations like eating out or holidays. We can develop strategies to stop you regressing back to your old ways.We also offer one-to-one sessions in your home where we will help organise your cupboards and spend time cooking a range of delicious meals with you. The aim is to help change the way you look at food, not just in the short term, but for the rest of your life. Services:- Catering for special diets- Weight loss (we guarantee you will lose weight with our expert guidance) – Bespoke recipes from private chefs



Michael Arthur Food Private Chef

Both Christina and Robert work alongside high-end chefs and healthy food delivery services catering for clients nutritional and wellness needs .

Michael Arthur is an established and well sought after chef providing healthy nutritionally balance cuisine to many of their clients in London and Ibiza.  Working alongside his partner Nikki they create a bespoke culinary experience, which is perfectly balanced to suit your needs.

The food Michael produces continually receives acclaimed reviews. The most recently in the February 2012 Sainsbury magazine.  The Times, The Sunday Times and The Mail on Sunday and OK magazine as well as others have all given enthusiastic endorsements with Vogue magazine using the phrase when referring to Michael´s cooking as ‘a true culinary genius’.

Michael also keeps a regular blog featuring many of his recipes  available at michaelarthurfood.com


If you’re not ready for a private chef but are struggling to get the balance right we also work alongside The Detox Kitchen and Radiance Cleanse.