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The Juice on Juicing with Christina Agnew

With cleanses being the hottest trend to hit London this year, I chat to Christina Agnew of Radiance Cleanse to get the juice on juicing…

Juice cleanses are very popular and people frequently report how well they feel after them. What are the key reasons one may think about doing a cleanse?

I think most people know when their body would benefit from a cleanse. It’s when you need to reset and get back to the healthiest version of yourself. Most of our clients are very healthy day-to-day, so they use a juice cleanse to get an energy boost or find some balance after a period of excess.

When we first met I loved hearing your story about your aunt that lived in Spain and how she looked after her clients. Could you share that with us.

My aunt is Midi Fairgrieve and she is a nutritional therapist and healer who was in private practice for a long time in the UK before setting up one of the first destination detox retreats in Spain, called Detox International. It specialises in juice fasting. I spent time there (as a student and also as a participant) and saw first hand the powerful transformations that her clients were achieving when combining juicing with yoga and complementary therapies.

If you are are a regular exerciser do you you advise avoiding training during a cleanse?

You don’t need to avoid training entirely but you do need to reduce what you usually would do. I encourage our most active clients to think of their cleanse period as a rest or taper, focusing on flexibility and stretching, say with a yoga class, rather than intense cardio. Often you will find that your fitness performance actually improves after a cleanse.

Do the cleanses provide any protein?

Most of our cleanses contain a dairy-free nut milk drink and green juices also do have a small protein content. However a juice cleanse by nature is not a high protein programme. But it’s only for a very short time. Also, if you are concerned about protein content or need a higher intake for a particular reason then it’s easy to optimise this with a good quality protein powder.

I keep reading about cold pressed juices and I would love to learn exactly what that means and why is it better?

At Radiance we use a Norwalk hydraulic press juicer. This machine extracts the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and enzymes from our organic produce; far higher than any normal juicer that you could buy in a shop. This is especially true for low-yielding but nutrient powerhouse greens like kale, spinach and parsley. The process results in minimum oxidation of the juice, which means that the juices stay fresher, better tasting and more nutritious for longer.

I noticed you offer “rest days”, how often should I do these? Would it be more ideal to have done a full cleanse in the past?

Our Rest Days are not a cleanse so much as an opportunity to give your system a break, rebalance your body and reset your mind. Most of our clients will start with a 3 or 5 day cleanse and then do Rest Days afterwards as more of a maintenance option. The frequency of these really depends on your personal lifestyle and daily diet. Once a month is a good timeframe, although some clients can use them weekly for 5:2 diet options or similar plans.

Do you recommend people incorporate juices into their daily life?

Yes absolutely we recommend daily juicing. I think it’s such a powerful tool for health. Not everybody needs or is ready for a full cleanse but a daily juice is an easy and beneficial addition to a healthy lifestyle. We offer recipes for making juices at home as part of our post cleanse guidance and also deliver 6-packs of cold pressed juices.

What is your daily diet like?

I eat a plant based diet and generally avoid gluten where possible. I use my Vitamix all the time for green smoothies and of course I have a green juice every day! Other staples in my diet are avocado, almond butter and raw chocolate. I drink a lot of green tea and coconut water.

Being a mother of two, and running an extremely successful company how do you fit exercise in your life?

‘With difficulty’ is the honest answer! I’m active and on the go the whole day but I have to carve out time to really get my heart rate up. I used to compete internationally in sport and be a real exercise junkie and so I miss the endorphins from a hard workout. I love going for a short, sharp run in Richmond Park on the weekends when my babies are asleep and I also rely on online workouts that I can do at home. My favourites are barrecore, Tracy Anderson and I’m loving That Girl.

What do you do for you and how do you balance you work, home, family life?

I find a long, hot bath with a gossip magazine is the best way to relax, always with a candle from Oskia or Ila Spa.

Which is your most popular cleanse?

Lately it’s definitely our Greens Cleanse and we’ve even developed a range of pure green juices to cater for our clients who wish to have a minimal fruit intake.

Do you have any recipes you would like to share with us?

Sure, below are two different green juice recipes to try at home.

For 250ml – 300ml of juice you will need:

25g Spinach
¼ Pineapple
½ Cucumber
100g Celery
1g Mint
20ml Lemon
10g Ginger


½ Cucumber
200g Apple
70g Celery
25g Watercress
20ml Lemon or Lime
10g Ginger
A pinch of Cayenne or 7g Parsley (optional)

Wash all the ingredients before juicing and buy organic where possible.

Click here to learn more about Radiance Cleanse.

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