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fit fitness into your life and reshape your body red 120 fit clubFor our Body Special, we’ve teamed up with Charli Cohen and Christina Howells – the creators of the That Girl online workouts (thatgirllondon. com), which are all about using time well and doing the movements that really work for women. The pair are entrepreneurs, too: Howells has been training famous bodies for nearly 20 years, while Cohen is a personal trainer who’s also created her own line of fitness wear.

Howells has designed two workouts for Red, and you don’t need to leave the house to do them. The first, That Red Girl, is a core-training, body-shaping pre-beach workout – follow it here or at Red Online. ‘Each move works more than one area, making them great time-savers,’ says Howells. The second, That Red HIIT Girl, is a hardcore fat-burner based on high intensity interval principles
– you can find that at Red Online, too. ‘This is designed to put your workout in the fast lane,’ says Howells.

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