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Christina tackles the stubborn issue of Cellulite and what REALLY helps to reduce it. Read more here

Women’s lives are so busy nowadays, with work, family, exercise, social lives – plus adding in a little extra time to care for yourself, too. Christina understands the requirements of a busy life which is why she recommends Organic Burst’s Maca Powder; a real hit of energy without the rush and subsequent crash of caffeine! […]

Christina is a huge fan of green smoothies and supplements, so it’s no surprise that she’s been quoted in InStyle this month (alongside some beautiful Nike Frees – love!) singing the praises of Spirulina Powder. Think of this superfood as the powder equivalent of a relaxing massage. “It’s the best thing you can do for […]

Registered nutritionist, Robert Hobson, has a decade of experience in the field of nutrition.  His varied career has included work within both the public and private sectors including NHS, government, food industry and private practice.  Robert also founded the successful nutrition companies HOPE nutrition and RHnutrition. He retains regular consultancy in a number of companies […]

The start of this weeks health and fitness special are two people whom I believe to be in a league of their own. Christina knows how to sculpt long, lean femininity like no-one else, and I am thrilled that she has devised a month-long exercise and nutrition programme especially for Stella. Click here to view […]

Alex trained with Christina Howells for 9 months and totally transformed her body. Click here to view full article