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Christina helps shed some light on the risks and rules of working out when pregnant. Read more here

Since launching in February of this year, That Girl has been a very, very busy lady… She’s been featured in Grazia, Vogue, Elle France and The Telegraph as the workout programme to watch for a lean, long body. As Calgary Avansino says: “the key to exercise is consistency, consistency, consistency and having all these options […]

Christina Howells is a personal trainer to some of the hottest bodies in London ! Here she has devised our exclusive 2014 project bikini workout plan to complete from the comfort of your own sitting room .

“thatgirl” workouts are a real hit amongst the french – paris simply loves her. Click here to view full article  

Want a red carpet figure ?  This is not your average personal training session  says Instyles beauty editor Click here to view full article  

“Meet the experts – Chrisitna Howells -Women-centric workouts from one of the most fashionable trainers du jour ” Click here to view full article

The 15 Minute Power Workout – London-based wellness expert and trainer Christina Howells is the go-to ‘shape shifter’ for the city’s celebrities and editors (think the British Tracy Anderson). Her finely honed techniques for sculpting a toned but feminine silhouette without the use of complicated equipment made her the obvious person to provide Boss readers […]

All the tricks to get the shape you crave. Find the right balance Language (French) – Click here to view full article  

Christina started her career as a fitness professional and aerobic teacher for David Lloyd Club, soon becoming fitness and health manager for the Eastbourne Branch. Her love of teaching and working closely with individuals eventually brought her to London where she focused on  personal training whilst immersing herself in the study of exercise science and […]

Tala Samman speaks to Christina to find out more about her career, her Body by Christina system, and how many times we must work out in a week… Click here to view the article  

Christina Howells, nicknamed the ‘shape shifter’ amongst her clients, Christina’s approach to exercise is aimed at creating a lean and feminine body. Here Christina shows us some simple exercises to get the perfect pair of legs. Click here to view full article

Shes devised a programme specifically to elongate and lift, and for the first time in my life I really think I have found something that works. That works, that dose not bulk you up and does what it says on the packet. Click here to view full article

Britons leading health and wellbeing specialists answer your questions Click here to view full article

When it comes to personal trainers a one-size-fits all approach is plain wrongheadedness. You need to find somebody who understands your strength and weaknesses, someone who knows when you need to be pushed and when to hand you the water bottle, and most of all you need somebody who can help you achieve the body […]

HARPERS BAZAAR Summer Body Plan – I called upon trainer Christina Howells. She only trains women because she understands that the way we workout, eat and think about our bodies for success is all in the detail. Click here to view full article

Christinas bodysculpt system , loved by editors, models and top stylists including LOVE editor in chief, Katie Grand  – is different to anything created by a male trainer. Click on the image to view the full article