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The Detox Kitchen love high-quality, seasonal ingredients, and they combine them with fresh herbs and imagination, to create some of the healthiest, tastiest food you will ever eat. Trust us, I have  tried it and more than once!

It’s not easy being your body. From pesticides and chemicals in your food to pollution in the air, it’s got a lot to deal with. Happily, eliminating toxins are what your liver, lungs, bowel, kidneys and skin are for – and they’re working their socks off to keep you in prime condition. They’d appreciate a little help though. That’s what The Detox Kitchen does.

Each day they create exciting detox menus by working with their producers to find what’s in season and at its absolute best. Each evening they add love and imagination to those ingredients to create amazing detox dishes.
And then, while their customers are asleep, they deliver to their doors.

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Hey Jo Luxe For Legs - Body By Christina PartnerLondon based leggings brand Hey Jo launched in the summer of 2012 as an answer to the lack of bold coloured luxe activewear leggings on the market.

Since then Hey Jo has received press coverage in publications from ELLE to The Times and Vogue.com, creating a cult must-have with customers from London to LA.
In December 2013 Hey Jo was approached by Net-a-Porter to stock a capsule collection of the leggings, beginning an on-going relationship with the international online retailer.

Celebrity fans include Sienna Miller, Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley & Gwyneth Paltrow.

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Organic BurstOrganic Burst is a multi award-winning UK superfood supplement brand launched in 2012 by health conscious entrepreneurs Ekaterina Igumentseva and Dimitrije Stozinic, who came up with the idea of creating a company that would make a difference – combining sustainable development with helping people feel better in their day to day lives.

The brand is at the forefront of the new wave of businesses leading the growing trend for everyday natural solutions to the demands of modern day life, promoting more mindful, healthier lifestyles and educating consumers on how they optimise their wellbeing.

Its current family of 100% pure and organically-certified superfoods has become the first choice of top nutritionists, fitness & beauty experts, athletes and health-conscious opinion leaders. Offering more than supplementation, Organic Burst represents a positive healthy lifestyle choice to make people feel good, without trade-offs.

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pai skincareAfter eight years building up a global following of sensitive souls, Hollywood make-up artists and A-list stars such as Natalie Portman, Pai’s organic skincare range is the premium choice for sensitive skin. With one of the purest ingredients policies on the market, Pai’s is the only certified organic, premium range for sensitive and delicate skin. Packed full of the highest-grade botanical extracts and breakthrough organic actives, they restore sensitive skin to its natural radiance and renew skin confidence. Christina loves the Pai range for her gentle pre- and post-skincare regime.

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Bare Biology logoBare Biology was founded in September 2013 by Brighton based mother of three Melanie Lawson, because she couldn’t find a very high strength Omega 3 fish oil with guaranteed purity and great flavour. The company’s launch product, Lion Heart, has quickly developed a cult following among health, fitness and beauty experts and is phenomenal for the skin. Bare Biology is the only International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) certified UK brand, meaning it’s free from heavy metals, PCBs & other nasties – no concerns regarding pollution or toxicity; stable and fresh – no rancid oil, so it tastes great, never repeats & doesn’t upset tummies.

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Josh Wood PartnerJosh Wood’s talent for creative and inventive techniques in colour has led to securing an enviable client base, while appearances at trade shows around the world have industry fans clamouring to witness his expertise first hand. He is credited with creating techniques which go on to set the colour tones globally including ‘hyper natural’, making grey ok, the ‘power blonde’ and couture punk which has seen flashes of pink and bright blue grace many a high profile head.

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Wallpaper Magazine, Wallpaper ApartmentJacqueline Hurst is a trailblazing ‘mind’ expert, knowledgeable public speaker, therapist and ground breaking life coach. Her brand new concept ‘The Life Class’ is paving the way for a new generation of coaches who will coach us to live bigger, better and happier lives through her innovative techniques and methods. Her approach, coaching methods and genuine love and interest in people allows her to enhance her client’s ability to live better lives. Her new course ‘Be your own coach ’ is paving the way for a new generation of us who want to live more optimally for ourselves, by thinking, behaving and acting with a higher degree of emotional intelligence. Jacqueline has a special ability to help people with a variety of issues, but her private practice specialises in treating those with emotional worries and those struggling with body image. Jacqueline has been featured in leading media titles including The Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Harpers Bazaar, The Oprah Winfrey Network and Get The Gloss. Today she spends her time growing The Life Class, running her practice and regularly talks internationally for leading brands including Clinique, Eve Lom and Liberty’s on issues of the mind.

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